My name is

Vitaly Kuleshin

Vitaly Kuleshin


and I am the frontend-developer,
you are looking for

Experience more than 10 years. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... Attack ships on fire technology births; grew up with them. I know their secret weaknesses and true strength.


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    Estimating the time and cost; also for complex and new tasks for the team
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    Transformation of old code; refactoring without downtime
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    Develop the stalled tasks to satisfying results
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    Planning, staging, prioritizing and setting tasks; the transformation of uncertainty into clarity
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    Each situation has its own balance of perfectionism vs speed
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    Touch of style


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    HTML5, EPUB, Structured (micro) Data
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    CSS/Sass/Stylus, Responsive, Support old and limited platforms, Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize CSS, Semantic UI, Skeleton
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    Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator
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    JavaScript: Vanilla, jQuery, Angular.js 1.x/2 (in progress), Vue.js/Vuex, React/Redux/RxJS (in-progress)
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    SVG, D3.js
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    Social & 3rd-party services integration (Facebook, VK, Google, Yandex, Github, etc.)
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    Docker, Webpack, Gulp, Yeoman, Jasmine/Mocha, Karma
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    Python/Django/DRF, Node.js, Ruby/Rails, PostgeSQL, Firebase

Work *

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Questions on frontend-technologies, architectural solutions. Help with estimation and planning — both as about small, as large and incomprehensible tasks.


Writing and supporting documents that make clear what is necessary to implement the project. Both as for solely inside team, as for an external user or customer.

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    Business proposal
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    Technical Description
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    Feature and plans description, fixation of project agreements, API formalization

IT project development

All of the above, as part of development process, plus, obviously, programming.

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    Planning, budgeting, consulting & documentation
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    Set task/project architecture
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    Frontend-coding powered by UI/UX background
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    Support & Refactor Legacy projects
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    PSD/Sketch → HTML & CSS


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    Finish my mind-blowing "Notes Service" project (as extension of Titamóta project)
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    Code desktop apps under Electron (because it's all JavaScript!)
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    Be able to lead a team into satisfying fulfillment


Titamóta — time, task and money tracker

Minimalistik, yet powerful. Social authorization, though you can work locally. Flexible structuring through timer "command-line". My live project, recently hit 5th major version.

#Vue.js, #Python/Django/DRF, #PostgreSQL, #Docker



Why? For
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to occupy all available string

npm install mr-fontfit

Simple HTML/CSS components


Modularizing HTML/CSS coding. Not intended for production, but making copy-paste-check doom go:
npm install mr-utils

Test-Driven HTML/CSS development


Implementation of the Test Driven Development concept for HTML/CSS coding:
npm install mr-testwood

Funny phrases generator


Strictly speaking, what dictionary you give is what phrases you get:
npm install mr-funny

Binary operations with array


Uberquick add, remove and search operations in sorted array, using binary algorithm:
npm install mr-sorted-array